Bacon Cheese Burger

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paleo bacon cheese burger

bacon cheese burger

Burgers are just fast, easy and delicious.  I like to make up a bunch so I have plenty to eat for a few days.


Take 5 or 6 strips of bacon and cut them into small pieces using your kitchen shears.  Place the bacon in a large pan and cook on medium.  Cook the bacon until it is nice and crispy, remove the bacon from the frying pan.

Into the hot bacon grease, place you hamburger patties.  Cook on medium until the internal temperature is about 140.  Place cheese on top if desired (cheese is not paleo, but most people tolerate some cheese).  Sprinkle the bacon on top.


This could be part of a salad, put the burger on top of some greens then add onions, peppers, olives or what ever else you have.  This is also great topped with my berry paleo barbecue sauce.

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