Beef Broth

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image marrow bones for beef broth

I love bone broths more and more all the time.  I believe these liquids add more that just flavor to a paleo style diet, they provide essential nutrients.  It is likely that bone broth helps heal the gut and fixing a leaky gut can restore health.

Beef stock is simple to make.  Once you begin making your own broth, store bought will never be as good. There is just something deeply satisfying about a meal prepared with broth.  The best part, it is very easy to learn how to make beef broth.


Gather marrow bones, onions, garlic and roots vegetables and place a pan.  Heat oven to 375, place bones and vegetables in the oven to brown for 30 to 60 minutes.  This browns everything nicely and a rich flavor, but it is optional.

Beef Broth in the Pressure Cooker

Throw the beef bone, and root vegetables, celery stalks, onions and garlic in the pressure cooker.  Add spices like a bay leaf, parsley, thyme or pepper.  I generally am pretty light on spices and feel that gives me more options when I use the broth to cook with.

Add water to cover the bones and usually up to the limit of the pressure cooker.   Bring the pressure cooker up to high pressure and cook for 60 minutes.  After 60 minutes let the pan release pressure naturally.

Once stock has cooled some, strain and put in jars.  I store in the refrigerator for a few days or freeze.

Beef Broth in the Slow Cooker

I really believe the pressure cooker is the best way to make broth, however the slow cooker will provide similar results.  As above, place all the bones, root vegetables and spices in the slow cooker.  Cover with water and set the cooker on low.

Let cook 24 to 72  hours, let cool, strain and store.


Use broth in soups, stews and sauces takes your cooking to a whole new level.  The depth of flavor is incredible and I believe the health benefits are numerous too.

Now that you can make beef broth, try using it in my Crock Pot Pot Roast Recipe or the Beef Stew in the pressure cooker.

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