Beef Round Rump Roast in the pressure cooker

Fall apart tender rump roast

 Meat prepared in the pressure cooker is just amazing.  It cooks fast and is incredibility moist and tender.  This is a very simple recipe.

The Meat


Ready the Rump Roast

 Preparation is simple.  Cut 4 or 5 inch or so deep slits in the roast and shove some garlic in there.  Add salt and pepper, done. 

Put a cup or two of broth in the pressure cooker and put the roast in.  Lock the lid.  Bring the cooker up to high pressure. 

Once the cooker is up to high pressure set the timer for 45 minutes and reduce the heat as low as possible while still maintaining high pressure.  Once the timer goes off, let the pressure fall naturally because releaseing it too quickly may dry out the meat.

Enjoy, this is a great way to make meat for several meals.

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