Breakfast Yams

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paleo breakfast yams

breakfast yams

Yams are a great way to break fast on days that I do fasted training.  I generally eat low carb, but on the days that I train, I include some carbs in my meals that day.  These yams are very simple and go perfect with eggs and bacon.  Can’t remember the difference between a yam and sweet potato?  Read Mark’s article, here.  So now you know these are actually sweet potatoes, but most stores will sell them as “yams.”  Call these tubers whatever you want, I call them delicious. 


Either warm up some bacon grease in a skillet or if you are going to be cooking bacon, make the bacon first.  Then remove the cooked bacon and add yams (peeled and cubed) to the grease.  Cook on medium or medium high.  Only stir the yams every couple of minutes, stirring too frequently can make the cubes fall apart (then you’d have mashed yams, still tasty but not the goal).  I also like to keep a lid on the skillet in between stirrings, that helps cook the cubes faster.  It generally takes about 10 minutes to cook these.  They are ready to eat when the outside is slightly crispy and the inside is warm and soft.  


This is a simple addition to any meal, especially if you are trying to get some post workout carbs  

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