Paleo Snacks

image cantaloupe muskmelon

You just went for a long morning walk, you’re not quite ready to eat a meal but want a little snack.  How about some refreshing cantaloupe?

This is a great paleo snack.  I like to have fruit or melon after a long walk, hiking or doing yard work.  These orange fleshed melons (also called muskmelons) really hit the spot on a warm day.  I find, like fruit, melons are best on an empty stomach.  If I eat fruit or melons with other foods I tend to get bloated.   However, if I just eat the fruit or melon  – then wait an hour or so before eating my meal – my digestion runs smoothly.

Here is a great joke to go with your snack (maybe not great, but most people laugh).  Why did the muskmelons have to get married in the Church?  Because, the can’t elope (ha cantaloupe).

Keep in mind, melons and fruit do have sugars in them.  If you are trying to lose weight, you may want to limit the amount you consume.

Planning paleo snacks can be the key to a successful paleo diet.  It is those times when we are really hungry that we have to have paleo food available.  Try to have a snack at hand – especially at first – to keep from slipping back into an inflammatory diet (aka standard American diet).

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