Eat Radish Greens

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eat radish greens

Eat Radish Greens, don’t throw them out.  I’ve got a nice crop of radishes coming in and I can’t decide which I like better the radishes or the tops?  Luckily I put a nice fence around the garden so I won’t find out if rabbits eat radish greens.  They are simple to grow and I love to eat the whole thing.

You can eat radish greens raw, the younger the greens the better and more tender they are.  I prefer to quickly sauté my greens.  You may look for a radish leaf recipe, but just some great cooking oil and fresh greens will yield a nice side dish.  These cook quickly and have a mild peppery flavor.

How I use radish leaveseat radish greens with bacon

Heat up your favorite cooking oil.  I prefer bacon grease, not only is it a great cooking fat – but the salty flavor pairs well with the pepper like flavor of the leaves.  If you want to get fancy add bits of bacon, diced onion and garlic – then when the onions are tender add the greens.

The younger the greens the quicker they cook.  It is probably best to remove stems from older leaves, as they are usually not very tender and may add a woody texture to the prepared dish.

Use this same method to eat beet greens or even to eat turnip greens, the older the leaf , the longer you will want to sauté it. I have yet to eat carrot greens, but would guess you could cook them in a similar fashion.

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