Grilled Chili Peppers

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photo grilled chili peppers

Grilled chili peppers are so simple to make and they go well with many dishes.

How to grill Chili Peppers

It is very simply heat up your grill to medium heat.  Once the grill is warm place the whole chilies on grill.

Turn every 3 to 4 minutes.  Use caution as the vapor released while cooking these can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract.  Look a way while taking off the lid to avoid inhaling the vapors.

Remove once the skin is blackened and it is starting to peel away.

Let cool a minute or two.  Then peel off all the skin, remove the stem and seeds and dice the chili.


The chili pepper is ready for your favorite dish try them on eggs or in homemade salsa.  Use them in a big batch of chili like a nice Buffalo Chili.  Or, just enjoy them with a juicy Rib eye Steak.  They would even be great with some french fries or top off a grilled grass fed burger with a some diced chilies.

Keep the diced chilies in the refrigerator a few days or freeze them for future use.

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