Hunter Gatherer Beef Stir Fry

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hunter gatherer beef stir fry

hunter gatherer stir fry


I call this my hunter gatherer beef stir fry because I hunt the kitchen and gather anything that can go into stir fry.  I like to use meat that has already been prepared, it is much faster and easier.  Are you have steaks for dinner? make an extra one so tomorrow you can slice that extra one up for stir fry.  Do you have leftover chicken?  Try making some baby bok choy and chicken.  Simple planing and preparing extra meat when you have time makes the paleolithic diet simple. 


Gather ingredients that you’d like in your stir fry.  In a large skillet warm up some fat (bacon grease, grass fed butter, lard, coconut oil, your choice).  Once the fat is melted add all of vegetables.  I used onions, green and yellow peppers and mushrooms.  Then add about one tablespoon of Wheat free, organic,Tamari Soy Sauce (no wheat and the soy is fermented making it acceptable in my paleo diet).  And, the Tamair gives it that great “stir-fry flavor.”  Cook the vegetables on medium or medium high, stirring frequently. 

While the vegetables are sauteing, slice up the beef very thin(I used leftover grass fed sirloin steak).  Once the vegetables are nearly cooked add in the beef and stir well.  Remove from heat once the beef is warmed up and the vegetables are cooked. 


A plaeo / primal meal is that easy.  Just throw some meat and vegetables together and you’ve got a meal.  Don’t be afraid to experiment. 

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