Paleo Snacks

photo Jicama root

Jicama is the perfect paleo snack.  I love to have a bit after a long walk or exercise.  It is a sweet and crunchy tuberous root that many people will love.

How to eat Jicama

The easiest way to enjoy Jicama is just to peel it and cut it into bite sized pieces and eat.  The nice thing is that it will not brown, so you can cut up the whole thing and keep the extra in the refrigerator for a few days.

Experiment using it is salads and stir-fries.  It will stay crunchy even after cooking.  I’m sure once you’ll taste it, you’ll have lots of ideas of how you can incorporate this root into your diet.

The is a great “safe starch” for the paleo diet.  There are only 7 grams of carbohydrates in 3 ounces of Jicama and 2 of those grams are fiber.

How have you incorporated Jicama into your Paleolithic Diet?

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