Jumbo Shrimp Kabobs

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shrimp kabobs

Shrimp Kabobs in the rotisserie

I was walking by the seafood counter at the grocery store yesterday and they had a great sale on wild caught jumbo shrimp.  So I bought a couple of pounds.  Shrimp are easy to cook and my family loved them.  The hardest part is peeling and deveining them, and it is not difficult it just takes a few minutes.  I made these in my rotisserie, but you could cook these shrimp kabobs on a grill in just a few minutes too.  


jumbo shrimp peeled and deveined

Jumbo Shrimp, peeled and deveined

 These are very simple to prepare.  Peel and devein the shrimp.  Don’t know how?  I didn’t either, watch this video, simple procedure.  Be sure to save the peelings in the freezer to make shrimp stock.  Rinse well with cold water and transfer to a large bowl.  

palm oil and chili sauce

Adding chili sauce

 Adding the flavor is so simple.  I used two of my favorite chili sauces and some red palm oil.  The shrimp are in a large bowl, over them pour 2 tablespoons of the palm oil and add chili sauce.  I used about a tablespoon of each chili sauce and it added some nice kick, but not too much that my kids wouldn’t eat the shrimp kabobs.  Coat the shrimp well by mixing the shrimp, sauce and oil in the bowl with your hands.  


Rotisserie method — the rotisserie was really fast and easy (plus I didn’t have to fire up the grill).  Load the shrimp on the metal kabob rods that came with your rotisserie, leave about a 0.5 inch between the shrimp to ensure proper cooking.  close the door and cook for 10 to 12 minutes.  Shrimp is done when it turns pink.  

Grilling method — fire up the grill to about medium heat.  Load the shrimp onto metal or wooden kabobs.  Place the kabobs on the grill (indirect heat if possible).  It only takes a few minutes on each side (turns pink it is done).  


I melted some grass fed butter to dip these in.  They are a great appetizer or you could grill up some vegetables and make a meal out of the jumbo shrimp.  

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