Cast Iron

Cast iron is perfect for cooking.  I believe they fell out of favor because people started to cook low fat.  Since you don’t cook low fat, why not use cast iron.  I’m not sure if non-stick cookware is good or not, so I just use cast iron and stainless steel

Caring for cast iron is easier than you think.  Since you cook with fat (bacon fat, coconut oil, lard etc) the food doesn’t stick as much.  After using cast iron, let the pan cool a bit.  Then put some water and scrub any stuck on food with a non-metal scrub brush or pad.  Rinse with water.  Dry right away, then rub with a small amount of olive oil.

8-inch cast iron skillet

If you don’t have any cast iron the Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron 8-Inch Skillet is a perfect skillet to begin with.  It is the perfect size for cooking for one or two people.  A few pork chops or some smaller steaks will fit in it just perfect.  It comes pre-seasoned, meaning it is ready to be cooked in right out of the box.

5 quart Dutch Oven

A dutch oven is another useful tool in the paleo kitchen.  This is an easy way to prepare tender chickens and roasts.  I’ve enjoyed using the Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned 5-Quart Dutch Oven with Loop Handles.  It also comes pre-seasoned, so it is ready to go. Just remember to wrap the lid in paper when storing.  That prevents condensation and rust on the inside.

I have found a couple of cookbooks to be useful when using cast iron. The Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook and Cast Iron Cookbook both have lots of useful tips.  They are not written from a paleo perspective, so many of the recipes can’t be used.  However, most recipes just need a few changes to become paleo.