Liver and Onions

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liver and onions

Organ meats are an important part of Paleolithic nutrition. In Weston Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration he reported that some native tribes often only ate organ meat, leaving the muscle meat for the dogs.  I’m not ready to give up steak for a strict diet of organ meats, but I feel that liver with it’s copper, zinc, iron and vitamins A and D is a very important part of my diet.

Liver and Onions may not be the best way to first consume liver.  I would start with liverwurst and braunschweiger.  Also, add small amounts of chopped liver to any dishes that contain ground meat, such as chili or meat loaf.  Then you’ll be ready to try Liver and Onions.


This is a very simple dish to prepare.  Chop one onion into large pieces. Rinse the beef liver and cut into pieces.

In a skillet heat about two tablespoons of bacon grease on medium high.  I do believe that bacon grease is the best fat to cook this in because of the added flavor.  Add the liver and onions, stir frequently.  It only takes about 4 or 5 minutes to cook.  The liver is done when it is no longer pink.


As I said, this dish is an acquired taste.  I find the liver flavor is less strong if you refrigerate it after cooking, then eat it cold.  It is worthwhile developing a taste for organ meat, you may even find yourself craving it(I do).  Liver should be a regular part of any paleo or primal diet.

What is your favorite way to eat liver?

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  • haig

    You forgot a critical step–season the liver! It makes a world of difference, for me anyway, to season with salt, pepper, cumin, and chopped parsley.

    • Josh

      I will try that, it sounds good. I do find though, that I am enjoying the flavor of liver more and more all the time.

  • Rayelle

    Try it my way:

    Slice the liver into the thinnest strips you can possibly manage. Begin cooking your onions in the pan with the bacon grease, on med/low so they soften. Turn the heat up a bit, add more bacon grease if needed, and a couple of cloves of pressed garlic and your liver strips. The thin strips will cook in just a minute or two. Then add salt and freshly ground pepper. I kid you not, the combo of the bacon grease and the garlic makes the flavor out of this world. I have not had a problem with strong liver flavor since I started cooking it like this. Plus the thinness of the liver strips means they stay nice and tender!

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