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I’ve posted several paleo pressure cooker recipes in the last few months.  I thought it may be easier to navigate them if I organized them in a single post.  Here is the list.


Beef Stew in the pressure cooker – So easy and everyone loves it.  I had no idea you could make stew this fast and with so much flavor.

Beef Round Rump Roast in the pressure cooker – I love making roasts.  There is usually leftovers, so there is plenty to eat for a few days.

Grass Fed Beef Chuck Roast –  I love the flavor of a chuck roast and the pressure cooker prepares it perfectly

Pressure cooker Beef Sirloin Tip Roast – Another roast, the pressure cooker makes it nice and tender.


Chicken stock in the pressure cooker– Once I made stock in the pressure cooker, I haven’t used any other method.  It makes such a rich tasty stock. And, it is fast, about 1 hour.


Buffalo Coconut Curry in the pressure cooker – The buffalo just melts in you mouth in this simple recipe

Buffalo Stew in the pressure cooker– Just like my beef stew, tasty.


Presser cooker pulled pork – Pulled pork in one hour!  I won’t make pulled pork any other way.


Mashed Cauliflower– Just like mashed potatoes, only better.  And, a lot less carbs.

That is the list so far.  I plan to add many more in the new year.  Enjoy

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