Paleo Side Dish: Baby Bok Choy

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baby bok choy sauteed in bacon grease

Baby Bok Choy is an Asian cabbage that cooks up fast and delicious.  It has high moisture content so the stalks cook up crisp yet succulent.  


Cut the baby bok choy in half lengthwise, discard any yellow or damaged leaves.  Rinse well in a colander.  


Heat up some bacon grease (coconut oil would work well too) in a skillet.  Once heated up, throw in some minced garlic for 10 to 15 seconds, then toss in the baby bok choy.  Stir often and remove from heat when the leaves are wilted and the stalks are tender (fork goes through them easily).  


This recipe works well will regular Bok Choy too.  Just cut the leaves from the stalks and cook the stalks for about a minute before throwing in the leaves. 

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  • JUST got some baby bok choy today. We’re doing this!!

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