Perfect Low Carb Summer Cocktail

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low carb cocktail for summer perfect for paleo and keto

I think we may have found the perfect low carb cocktail for summer.  The most refreshing drink and not many carbs.  A wonderful thing to hold in  your hand as you enjoy the end to a summer’s day on the porch or deck.

It is very simple and almost doesn’t taste like a drink so be sure to exercise moderation.  There aren’t added carbohydrate, so keto, paleo and other low carbers should be able to enjoy a few of these without derailing their diet.

Head to the liquor store and look for some cucumber vodka, our favorite is made by Prairie Organic Spirits.  So it is even organic! Once you find some be sure to grab some club soda and then head over to the produce department and get some fresh dill.  Or, even better, get some dill out of your garden.  If you can’t find dill, cilantro is a great substitute.

Fill a glass with ice, add some dill, one shot (or make it a double) of cucumber vodka, and top off with soda water (sparkling mineral water works great too).  Stir. Then enjoy.

This has certainly been a hit with our guests and I’m sure your friends will love it too. If you don’t like cucumber, checkout my paleo mojito recipe, it certainly satisfies.

I hear it is pretty simple to make your own cucumber flavored vodka.  Once the cucumbers are in full production in the garden – I’ll have to try it.

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