Pressure Cooker Artichokes


pressure cooker artichokes fast and easy

Artichokes cook well in the pressure cooker.  This unique vegetable comes out tender and delicious.  Not only is the flavor great, but I think they are fun to eat.

The pressure cooker is fast and prevents the choke from drying out during cooking.  In about 20 minutes you can have this elegant dish ready to serve.  Yet another reason to have a pressure cooker in your kitchen.


I fit 5 artichokes in my Presto 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, but could fit more.  I image two layers would cook just fine.  Place a Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer in the bottom of the cooker or the steamer rack that came with the cooker.  Fill the pot with water even with the bottom of the steamer rack.

Wash the artichokes well with cold water.  Break off the bottom stem, cut about an inch off the top.  Place them in the cooker.  If the ends of the leaves are prickly, trim the edges of each leaf with some kitchen shears.

Pressure cooker time for artichokes

Lock the lid on and bring up to full pressure.  Once at full pressure, cook for 15 minutes.  After, fifteen minutes, quick release the lid following manufacture’s instructions and test for doneness.  Stick a knife in the base and it should slide in easily, pull a leaf off and the “meat” should be tender at the end.


Cooked artichokes can be enjoyed hot, warm or cold and can be kept in the refrigerator for a day or two. Eat them alone or with a dip or sauce.  Melted butter is perfect to dip them in or olive oil with garlic.

Eating them is simple. Begin pulling off the lower leaves and scrap the tender portion off the bottom with your teeth.  Continue peeling and scraping – you’ll find the leaves get more tender at get to the center.  In fact, the center leaves you’ll be able to eat the entire bottom.  One you’ve eaten the leaves you find the inedible “choke” and the fibers that would have been the blossom had the plant continued to grow.  Scrape or cutout the fibers that almost look like little hairs, then enjoy the tender and delicious center.

I find the pressure cooker to be the easiest, most simple way to make artichokes.  Make your life easier and use a pressure cooker.

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