Recipe for Bacon Wrapped Dates

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image of bacon wrapped dates

Here is a simple recipe for bacon wrapped dates.  This appetizer is sure to appeal to many people.  The sweet and salty combine for an amazing treat.


Whole dates

Thin  sliced bacon

Pecans (or any other nut you’d like to try)


Refrigerate the dates for several hours or freeze them for awhile. This makes the dates firm and easier to work with.   Cut the dates in half and remove the seed.  Replace the seed with a couple of pecans (or any other nut you’d like to try).  And, put the date back together.image of cut date

Cut the strips of bacon in half and wrap the dates.  I like to place the dates on the wire rack that come with my broiler pan.  I put the loose end of bacon on the bottom, there is no need for a toothpick.


Heat the oven to 400 degrees.

Place the bacon wrapped dates in the heated oven.  And, bake for 15 to 20 minutes.

Cooking time will vary on the bacon thickness

Remove when the bacon is looking golden and crisp.


These are a pleasure to eat when they are warm or cold.  The flavors all compliment each other for this tasty bite sized treat.

Be sure to set a few aside and refrigerate so you can try a few cold.  This is a perfect alternative to pecan pie,

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