Sage Butter Chicken with Zucchini

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photo sage butter chicken with zucchini

This is a satisfying paleo meal that my wife cooked up.  In the summer you can easily find the fresh herbs and zucchini at almost any farmers market.

We grow the sage just outside our front door – it is always close at hand for use in the kitchen.  Consider adding sage to your garden.  It is simple to grow and usually comes back year after year.


Gather sage leaves, remove them from stems and wash.

Cut the chicken into small “bite sized” pieces.

Slice the Zucchini.


In a skillet heat two tablespoons of grass fed butter (use your favorite cooking oil if you don’t use butter) to medium/medium high.  Add the sage leaves and cook until slightly crispy.  Remove sage and set to side.

Add the zucchini to the hot oil (add more oil if needed).  Sauté until tender, stir every minute or so.  Remove the cooked zucchini and put with the sage.

Add the chicken pieces to the hot oil.  Cook, stirring frequently.  Once the chicken is fully cooked add the other two ingredients to the chicken and mix well.

Salt and pepper to taste – Serve immediately


Even though this is a simple dish, the flavors are perfect together.  A few bits of crispy bacon could also kick this up another notch.

Paleo meals need not be complicated.  Pick a meat, pick a cooking oil/fat, pick a vegetable or greens.  Add a few spices or herbs – and you’ve got a great meal.

Be sure to read my wife explanation of why a primal/paleo diet is good for you.

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