Sage Sweet Potatoes

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photo of sweet potatoes cooked with sage

My wife decided to cooked up a batch of sweet potatoes since we had pruned some of the sage plants in the garden.  This is actually a mix of sweet potatoes and Japanese Yams.  Any tuber will work well with this recipe.

Sage can be found at most markets. However, if you have any garden space at all, I would encourage you to try growing your own.  Sage grows very well and is extremely hardy.  It is pest resistance and gets lovely purple flowers in the late summer.


Peel and cube the sweet potatoes.  Remove several fresh sage leaves from the stems.


Heat a few tablespoons of bacon grease in a pan (feel free to substitute your favorite cooking oil/fat).  Add the sweet potatoes and cover, stir every few minutes (but not too often as the cubes will start to fall apart).  After about ten minutes, when the sweet potatoes are soft, uncover, add the sage leaves and turn up the heat. Stir frequently. This will brown the cubes and crisp the sage leaves.


This is a very simple and flavorful dish.  A perfect side dish at any meal, like grass fed sirloin steak.

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