Sauerruben–Fermented Turnips

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image of fermented turnips

I believe I have found the perfect fermented food to go with a nice juicy steak.  Sauerruben’s flavor compliments a tasty rib eye steak perfectly.   Fermenting the turnips really brings out the horseradish like flavor of this under appreciated root vegetable.  While I love my sauerkraut, this is quickly becoming by favorite lacto-fermented vegetable.


I found this recipe in Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods, if you are going to do some fermenting – you should own this book.  It has detailed instructions for hundreds of ferments and may bring a new appreciation for the bacteria in your life.

Gather 3 to 4 pounds of turnips per quart jar.  Peel  and grate the turnips.  Sprinkle the grated turnips with sea salt as you add it to a bowl.


By the time you’ve shredded the turnips, you should have added about one tablespoon or so of sea salt, image of turnips Mix well.  If you’d like to use less salt add a Vegetable Starter Culture. I prefer a “wild” ferment.  Meaning the bacteria on the vegetables and from my house will culture the vegetables.

Transfer to a jar.  Pack the grated turnips in as you add them.  A brine should begin to form.  Leave the about one inch of space a the top of the jar.

I like to place a small jar filled with water into the mouth of the quart jar, to hold the vegetables below the brine.  However, you can just push the turnips below the brine level and place a lid on the jar.

If the brine doesn’t cover the fermenting vegetables, just add a bit of salt water.

Let the turnips ferment at room temperature for 3 to 5 days.  Taste each day and place in the refrigerator when you enjoy the flavor.



Making your own fermented vegetables is fun and can really stretch your budget.  Buy vegetables when they are in season and less expensive – ferment them and enjoy throughout the year.  Many people notice improved digestion and gut health when eating ferments – making this a perfect addition to a paleo diet or any diet.

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